Acupuncture has helped me with my neck pain and stiffness as well as the off and on pain I experience in my elbow. I have been a patient of Sherri’s, both at Kaiser Permanente and at this office, since 2013. Sherri has always been attentive to my concerns and is willing to work on multiple areas at each visit. She is very personable and professional. I have recommended Sherri to a number of my friends and will continue to do so.


Your experience with Sherri’s healing and compassionate methods will be a very positive and empowering time well spent. I have known Sherri as a practitioner of acupuncture for many years.  As my treatment needs have changed, she adapts my sessions to focus on what is needed to alleviate pain, discomfort and finds the natural flow of energy to help in this process. I highly recommend Sherri for help with conditions you are seeking to manage.

Tom Granholm

Receiving acupuncture treatments is a very positive and gentle experience, and has been a part of my well being for many years. I find acupuncture not only compliments western medicine, but goes beyond just treating the injury, disease or condition. Acupuncture releases energy to help in over all healing of mind, spirit and body. This is especially important in dealing with chronic pain, which can wear you down. I highly recommend regular treatments for a more balanced mood, improved health and energetic life. Sherri has been my acupuncture practitioner for more than 8 years. I had experienced treatment with two other practitioners, but because of relocation, needed to find someone closer to home. I truly believe that a patient’s connection with a practitioner is of the utmost importance, for trust, expertise and comfort. Sherri continues to excel and exceed meeting all of those criteria. From the moment you walk into the peaceful, quiet office, you have a sense of harmony and healing. Sherri’s primary goal is to make you comfortable and ensure you have a restful and focused session. She addresses the whole person, not just the ailment, through thoughtful questions and great suggestions for your particular needs. I gratefully endorse Sherri Giamarvo as an excellent, caring and skilled acupuncture practitioner.


I truly believe that my sessions with Sherri as we explore the benefits of acupuncture for both physical (like joint discomfort) and emotional issues (like being anxious) have been at the center of my renewed sense of well-being. She is an excellent partner in good health.

Clair Villano

Sherri has been a life saver for me. I have been seeing an acupuncturist for more than 12 years since my doctor told me that western medicine had done all it could for me especially my back. Kaiser Insurance started me in their acupuncture department. In a few weeks I was able to discontinue my regular use of narcotics for pain. After 5 years and 5 different acupuncturists, I was assigned to Sherri. She tried some different methods until we found the best one for me. I have seen her every week for 7 years. When she left Kaiser to open her own practice, I followed because she is the best practitioner that I have had. The difference in price is worth it. I can go through almost anything knowing that I will see Sherri soon. I recommend her to everyone I know.

Kathy Case

Our experience with acupuncture has been rewarding because of the excellent results we have received. We are especially pleased with the treatments we have received from Sherri. She is very qualified, professional, thorough, caring, pleasant and always makes the experience comfortable and pleasant.

Don & Ruth

I always feel so cared for here.


I appreciate the fact that Sherri is a good listener and diagnostician. She takes the time to get a thorough picture of what’s going on in my life, as well as my physical and emotional conditions. She writes detailed notes and refers back to relevant history when needed.

Having experienced different needling techniques among various practitioners, I am grateful that Sherri is gentle and takes great care when inserting and removing needles. Also, I never feel rushed with a treatment. She addresses everything of concern and allows plenty of time for ‘rest’ after inserting needles. I feel very blessed that Sherri is my acupuncturist. Her treatments have brought great results for sore muscles, sinus issues, and balancing and maintaining my kidneys and overall health. Her generous spirit and intuitive healing are rare and deeply appreciated.